Michael R. McIsaac, MS, MS, CSCS

Michael completed his undergraduate degree in Kinesiology at Memorial University of Newfoundland in 2004, a Master of Science degree in Kinesiology (concentrating in corrective exercise and orthopaedic rehabilitation) through A.T. Still University in 2016, and a Master of Science degree in Human Nutrition (concentrating in clinical nutrition) through the University of Bridgeport in 2021.

Michael continues to attend seminars and graduate courses in exercise science/nutrition, and holds the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) designation, the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) certification, Screening and Assessing Breathing course, and the Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification; credentials nationally recognized and respected in the health and fitness industry. Michael’s academic background and commitment to continuing education has provided him the opportunity to work in both clinical and non-clinical populations. Such skill sets have allowed Michael to help individuals presenting with an array of diseases, functional limitations, and disabilities.

In addition to direct work with clients and attending to academic studies, Michael has guest-lectured at Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Human Kinetics and Recreation department since 2012, and has been interviewed by NTV, CBC, The Telegram, and VOCM covering health/fitness/nutrition related topics. In Michael’s spare time, he enjoys reading (exercise science/nutrition), Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (brown belt), snowboarding, and resistance training. You can also follow Michael and McIsaac Health Systems Inc on: Substack, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube

Aaron T. Russell, BKIN, CK

Aaron completed his undergraduate degree in Kinesiology in 2016 at Memorial University of Newfoundland. After completing his degree, Aaron pursued and completed the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) certification through Functional Movement Systems. Aaron also completed the Breathing Screen through Functional Movement Systems.

Aaron’s love of sports during his youth, propelled him into pursuing deeper studies in human movement, which lead to Kinesiology. Such an environment allowed Aaron to gain the knowledge and tools necessary to help individuals with a variety of functional limitations and fitness goals.

Aaron is committed to continuing education within the fields of exercise science and nutrition in order to better hone his skills as a Certified Kinesiologist. In Aaron’s spare time he enjoys resistance training, golf, basketball, hiking, and swimming.